Stop Being So Poor

My favourite money app.

MoneyWiz 3 is an Australian personal finance app that not only allows you to track your expenses to work out your monthly spend, it also allows you to forecast based on upcoming transactions, so you can see what your balance will be after certain payments have gone out.

For me, this was the clincher in the deal with this app. I’m juggling money as we’re trying to get out of debt and I need to know that there’s enough money in all the accounts for all the upcoming payments.

When you get the premium version, you can sync across multiple devices and types of device – another big plus.

The app also lets you set spending limits and then notifies you when you’re getting close to or (damn) over your budget.

The best feature of this app is that it connects to your bank so that you can track income and expenses automatically, although if you’re worried about having an app with that ability, this may not be the app for you.