Middle Aged Womens Stuff: Making the Most of Midlife

Meet Me

Middle Aged Womens Stuff

We’re here to make the impossible, possible for ourselves and hopefully for you!

I say “we” here because although I’m the one who’s doing the writing, I team up with my husband, John (in the photo to the left),

and my brother, Alan (in the photo on the right), to do the Stop Being So Poor YouTube channel and The Salad Wagon blog & YouTube channel.

John and I have done some really… interesting… things financially.

We’ve been (and still are!) successful property developers with over $100 million worth of our own developments under our belt.

We’ve owned several businesses,

gone through bankruptcy,
tried our hand at any number of get-rich-quick schemes,

bought our fair share of lottery tickets,

found ourselves seriously in debt and wondering how on earth we’re going to get out of the financial hole that we’ve dug ourselves in to.

We know an awful lot about creating wealth – we’ve created a LOT of money –

and we KNOW an awful lot about keeping wealth.

And while we’ve done really well in the ‘creating wealth’ bit, we haven’t done much about the whole ‘keeping wealth’ thing.

Now, we’re changing that and we’d love for you to join us on our journey to becoming debt-free and hopefully get some ideas about how you’d like your life to look and how to go about changing it.

We are here to help you:

  • Learn how to budget without feeling like you are being punished
  • Focus on your goals so that you can make stuff happen
  • Have some fun with the whole thing

Plus, on top of that, we get to look at the madness and mayhem that is Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood and see the funny side of life as a middle aged, (almost) empty nester.