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Stop Being So Poor
Middle Aged Womerns Stuff

It's time you stopped being so poor!

Most of us seem to spend our adult lives getting further and further into debt.

Then one day, we find ourselves way out of our depth.

The way we earn, spend, save, and invest our money has a profound impact on our lives, yet few of us understand even the basic principles of personal finance.

This is where you can change that.

The articles on this website will provide you with:

  • practical, step-by-step solutions
  • to help you learn how to budget your money,
  • how to change the way you think about money and what you can or can’t have,
  • how to head towards debt-free, financial independence.

I want this whole concept to be fun and light-hearted because money, life and all that kind of stuff shouldn’t be serious.

Come and join me and create a little laughter around your money and in your life.


Check out the articles…

These articles (along with the upcoming podcasts & videos) contain clear, easy to follow, practical information on how to get out of debt AND take care of your money…




I am so excited! There’s so much effort gone into this and it’s going to grow as the weeks go on. I’ve put together some my favourite money books, games, apps, links, whatever, and made a big list of them so I can share them with you all.

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All of the things on this page have made a huge difference in our lives. They’re all things that we love & highly, highly recommend (of course) to anyone looking to educate themselves and change the way they look at money & life in general.

Or maybe they’re just books that I enjoy reading!

I’ve also included some books and games for children & teens that are pretty amazing, so check those out if you have kids or Grandkids in that age group.

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Start making a massive difference in your life.