• How to map out your path to success: more love, more life, more money
    • Why it’s not okay to tolerate “okay”
    • How to move away from “average”


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Is your life just “meh”?

Your job is okay, but you’re left feeling a little ‘meh’ about the way your boss treats their staff.

Your health is okay, but you know you really ought to cut out the chips and the cake and quite possibly all the wine that you seem to go through. And maybe exercise a little more.

Your relationship with your partner is fine, and I don’t mean ‘fine’ in an amazing sense, I mean it’s only ‘fine’.

Your money situation… how’s that going? Do you ‘get by’? ‘Struggle through’? ‘Do your best’?

Why it’s not okay to tolerate “okay”

When things just aren’t quite right, they’re okay but they’re not amazing, it could simply be that you need to reassess and realign.

When was the last time, you really, truly sat down and mapped out what you want from your life, what your goals are, what’s on the bucket list, what is a must-do this year?

It’s something that we really need to do at least three or four times a year.

Because things change.

Life happens.

Our goals and desires can change in an instant.

How to map out where you’re going in life

Think of it this way: say we’re on a road trip from Paris to Moscow. We set off, knowing that we’re going to Moscow and we need to head east and kind of north.

We can do the most detailed plan that we like, but things happen: a bridge breaks, there are roadworks, a river floods, the roads change, we hear about a nice town that’s slightly off our planned route and we want to stop there.

We have to keep reassessing our journey constantly, allowing for minor changes all the time.

Life & our goals are no different.

As different information comes in, we need to make adjustments, change direction slightly, maybe we’ll veer a little off our planned route because some unforeseen opportunity comes up that sounds pretty cool.

How to tell when you’re off your path

When things just don’t fit, it’s a sign that we’re off track.

It’s a sign that we need to reassess and realign ourselves.

So, whether our life is OKAY, whether it’s GREAT, or whether it’s really AWFUL, we need to sit down and write out what we really want and what we believe is stopping us.

We need to write out our values, what’s important to us, what we really, truly would like to do/be if there was nothing in our way.

We need to write out how we’d feel if we did/were all those things.

And reassess our path.

Take a look at where we’re heading.

And realign as necessary.

K xxx

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