Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood Podcast

This wasn’t a planned conversation. Deborah and I had planned to talk about something completely different, but the death of Kobe Bryant just a few hours before our chat brought all the emotions and grief back with a vengeance.

Deborah’s son, Graham, died a few days before Christmas in 2017. He was in a different state (they live in the US) to Deborah when he died which led to a number of extra difficulties. And this on top of the fact that her child had passed away suddenly and she still had to do Christmas with her two younger children.

It’s been a long road for Deborah since then, or, in her analogy, like being caught in some huge waves: you’ve just got to wait till the whole thing has finished with you and it spits you out. Only then can you come up for air and start moving forwards, and even then sometimes another wave will crash over you unexpectedly. Like today.
This is the first time Deborah has spoken openly and publicly about what happened with Graham and how she’s dealt with it – and is still dealing with it.

She wants to reach out to as many other people who are going through similar things in the hope that she can support them or at least offer some insights as to how they might make sense of things and begin to get their life back together.
So, click on the button below to listen to this inspirational – and heartbreaking – story. I’ve done very little editing of the audio; I wanted you to hear the story as I did.
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